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A little bit about Martin...



Born in the United Kingdom in the 80’s, Martin was raised in a little sunny seaside town, with his creative side was always leading the way.


When Martin finally realised that NASA wasn’t going to come knocking, he went and got a job as a photographer for an international photography company where he learnt mainstream photographic skills and techniques.


Martin is a Multi Award Winning Photographer who’s approach to his work can only be described as unique. Renowned  for his creativity, and natural love and empathy for people, Martin and his team create powerful visual story telling, because In this day and age it gets harder and harder to impress people, to give them something they’ve never experienced before. We are in a world of ‘been there, done that’ types.


Martin goes to great lengths to wow his client these days. With the innate ability to make anyone look and feel at ease in front of the camera, has earned him his very impressive client list most photographers can only dream of. So when it comes to photography and videography, Martin’s approach always varies to suit each client which results in a fabulous array of images and videos - from close-up shots (meticulous eye for detail!) to those fabulous wide-angle images (Martin's specialty).


Ultimately, Martin puts his heart and soul into everything he does and has a vested interest in making it the images speak for themselves.